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Anhui Easy Business Digital Technology Co. Ltd.


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Supported by the Bureau of Commerce of Anhui Province, Anhui Easy Business Digital Technology Co., Ltd. aims to participate in the domestic and international economic-technical cooperation and competition in a broader range, larger scope and higher level. The main purpose of this expo is to show the favorable investment environment, the development trend and the bright future of Anhui; to further enhance and revitalize the Hui Mercantilism; to set a platform for the cooperation of the traders; to broaden the opening-up of Anhui; to speed up the economic structural readjustment; to advance the implementation of the Act 861; and to activate the growing up of the midlands of China. Anhui's standout enterprises will attend the Fair to publicize and exhibit their corporate images and commodities. It will be held once a year from now on and it will develop into a nationwide distinguished business fair. It is located in Anhui Province. Anhui is one of China's major producers of garments ... [Details]

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